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Friendly & reliable property and garden maintenance in the Dordogne

Property care and caretaking services in the Dordogne, France. Caretakers for second home owners.

Second Home & Holiday Home Caretaking

Making sure that your holiday home and garden are always looking their best for your return

Before we moved out to France permanently, we spent many unsuccessful years trying to find a reliable caretaker to look after our French holiday home while we were in the UK.

We even had the misfortune of engaging 'caretakers' who billed us every month but who, it turned out, didn't ever visit our house!

So having once been in your shoes, when we arrived in France we decided to set up our company to give peace of mind to fellow second home owners who struggle like we did to find trustworthy professionals who care as much  about your holiday home and garden as you do yourself.

We know there's nothing worse than arriving on a short stay in your holiday home only to have to spend hours doing cleaning because your caretaker hasn't been doing the what you thought they were.

When you engage us we carry out an initial inspection of your second home and provide you with a report and photos of the baseline we find, and from there we will maintain your holiday home for you to the standards we agree with you.

On each of our subsequent property care and maintenance visits, we update you on anything that has changed from our previous visit, we explain what we did while we were at your home, and we provide you with time and date stamped photos of our visit to give you the peace of mind of knowing we actually attended your home. 

We have relationships with local artisans and trades people who we can recommend to you based on our own personal experience of the quality and price of their work. So whether you need electrical work, plumbing, or building work we're bound to know someone reliable who can help you. We are independent of the people we recommend and don't receive commissions from them. Our philosophy is simple - if we wouldn't use them in our own home we won't recommend them for yours!

We never take advantage of the trust you put in us.

As well as looking after your house we also offer gardening and lawn cutting services.

We offer a menu of caretaking and general maintenance services to help you rest easy in the UK and to get your holiday home in France ready for your next visit:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Keeping your garden tidy and your lawn cut
  • Opening shutters and windows to air the house
  • Putting the heating on during the colder weather to avoid burst pipes
  • Shopping for any food or provisions you need before you arrive
  • Opening or forwarding your post
  • Providing meter readings
  • Security checks
  • Acting as your secure keyholder in France
  • Checking for pest infestations
  • Inspections and damage reports after storms

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